Why our societies are disintegrating? What should we do?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In a world where we have more than never before means of communication, travel, and methods of staying connected, the human disconnect is growing at a rapid pace. In a world of increasing population, we seldom find ourselves increasingly lonely. Have you ever wondered why?

Without getting into the conspiracy theories and the politics of things, I pin the root cause of this 'new normal' social separation on to the following four large industries: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, and Education. Of course there are many others as well, but a detailed and through investigation will bring these as the bigger culprits apart from the politics. I can talk about how these industries resulted in leading us to our current state (good, bad, benefits and curse), or we can embark on a different journey to better understand the solution.

Upon a closer inspection, you will find that these are simply a product of an inherent weakness of the human mind, the sins. When people with lower social and moral conscience become successful they indulge in and help spread this virus of the human mind to others.

Then we can also look at the cyclic nature of our existence and know that it is all a part of evolution. The societies that are farsighted tread the path carefully and are typically termed as old fashioned. But the societies that take advantage of evolution in the name of innovation and advancement propels ahead in full steam without realizing the larger consequences often find themselves at the loggerhead with social and ethical values.

We can go on and on in order to discuss the reasons for the social disintegration, but while knowing about the reasons help understand the causes, one has to shift focus on finding solutions upon finding the root cause to stay focused on the resurrection.

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