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Grey Limbo
Grey Limbo

About US

Who we are and what we do

We are a community of spiritual and positive-minded people who care! Wholistic well-being is at the core of what we aspire to achieve through spirituality, mindfulness and positive thinking.

Since 2018, The-Circle (we were known as Positive Thought and Law of Attraction group) has been creating unique and enriching experiences for guests to enjoy. What started out as a small meetup group and weekend workshops has grown into a transformative experience that has changed lives. We offer events, discussions, courses, consultation, and group sessions to address all aspects of the life and spirituality to help guide you in the right direction.

As we are continuing the grow, we are embarking on our journey of a nonprofit group to focus on:

  • Building a community of people who care for others.

  • Help people monetarily (we just begin and may not be able to do much for now), emotionally, psychologically, informatively, and experientially through a variety of techniques such as, life coaching, building relationship, finding caring friends, finding life's purpose, and so on.

  • Providing guidance through discussions and targeted meetings to take up specific topics.

  • Helping each other out no matter how small the need is.

  • Helping the less fortunates and underprivileged members of our society.

  • Helping also the normal members, like you and me, of our society because for us each human counts and no struggle is small.


Let's put it this way, we do not turn down a person because the person is not poor. Instead, we help if there is a true and genuine need no matter how well to do the person is. In those cases, help may not me monetary, but help can be advice and guidance on wellness, mindfulness, relationship or even loneliness.

For us, no deed is small and no one is less important! We all deserve to have a fulfillment in our lives! That's what we are after!


Demonstrating empathy, kindness, and understanding towards others, particularly those in need or facing challenges. Respect is treating all individuals with dignity, honoring their perspectives, experiences, and contributions, and fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding.


Integrity means standing firm in our values, even when faced with difficult decisions or challenges. It means being true to ourselves and others, acting with sincerity and authenticity in every interaction.

We believe that integrity is the foundation of trust, and we strive to earn and maintain the trust of our peers, mentors, and the broader community through our consistent actions and words.


Valuing and celebrating diversity in all its forms, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and socio-economic status, and promoting inclusion to ensure equitable opportunities for all. Recognizing the importance of partnerships and working together with other organizations, stakeholders, and communities to achieve common goals.


Embracing creativity, adaptability, and a willingness to explore new approaches to address social issues and create positive change. Empowerment: Supporting individuals and communities to develop their skills, capabilities, and resources to advocate for themselves and create sustainable solutions to challenges.

Core Values

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