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Become a member of
The-Circle team!

Are you passionate about making a positive impact in your community? Do you want to contribute your skills, time, and energy to meaningful causes that uplift and empower others? If so, we invite you to join our team of dedicated volunteers at The-Circle.

Make a difference in the society
Benefits of joining us
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain valuable practical experience in your field of study or interest.

  • Skill Development: Enhance your skills and knowledge through on-the-job training and mentorship.

  • Networking Opportunities: Build professional connections and expand your network within your industry.

  • Resume Enhancement: Add relevant experience to your resume, making you more competitive in the job market.

  • Professional Development: Participate in workshops, seminars, and training sessions to further develop your professional skills.

  • Personality Development: With EmpowerEDTM,  add crucial skills that make you ‘market-ready’ but not typically a part of university curriculum. 

  • Feedback and Evaluation: Receive constructive feedback and performance evaluations to help you grow and improve.

  • Potential for Employment: Explore potential career opportunities within the industry upon completion of your internship.

  • Flexibility: Enjoy committed yet flexible scheduling options to accommodate your academic commitments.

  • Multinational Workforce: Work with teams located in different countries and continents.

  • Diverse and inclusive work culture: Work with people from different backgrounds and belief systems, providing you an exposure of varied perspectives.  

  • Making a Difference: Contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on the community or a cause you care about.

  • Personal Fulfillment: Experience the satisfaction of giving back and making a difference in the lives of others.

  • Recognition and Appreciation: Receive recognition and appreciation for your contributions through volunteer appreciation events or acknowledgments.

How to get involved?

Ready to join us in our mission to make a difference in society by helping create a community of people who care? Here's how you can get involved:

  • Apply Online: Apply for a desired role under the Open Roles page. Please note that we currently have Intern and Volunteer roles.

  • Fill a Application Form: Apply for a desired role using an online application form.

  • Apply through email: Send your application for your desires open position with your resume to

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