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I am Nameless with a Name

Many of you know me as Vikas Arya, the name given to my this form of body. Yet, I have been given many nicknames at different times by my fellow souls from all aspects of life. Yet, my true identity is as nameless as my idea of my being is. Which is how it is for everyone.


My quest and request is that we find out our true identity and not be troubled by what we are not. When we know what is true, all that is not true disappears!  

My Story

My life is a testament of overcoming adversities without having the abilities that our minds thinks as things required to attain something. Whether it is being born dead for couple of hours before my first breath, or it is being extremely shy and introvert in nature, or being jack of all traits but master or none, I have had my share of struggles and suffering as life navigated me to where I am today. From a time where the mindset was to commit suicide due to the sufferings in life, to an extremely abundant state of being where I have achieved what I wanted to achieve and have little to no materialistic desire, it is a rollercoaster of a life journey.

Though adversities can cause one to suffer, they provide unparalleled opportunities as well. My realization and awakening came after such adverse life conditions that forced me to look for the deeper meaning of the life. Fortunately, my spiritual practices and help from the higher life-forms helped me find answers to all of my questions and provided the wisdom I was seeking to find my purpose. 

Since then, it is a journey to fulfill my purpose by continuing with my spiritual practices and doing my bit for the society. My life is now dedicated to making things better for people, and I am supremely fortunate that the serendipitous experiences have brought to me the abundance that are beyond this material world. This feeling is further extended by simply realizing that not everyone is given opportunities to be medium to provide help, guidance, and solutions to the society. I am completely humbled by how generous the universe has been to me.

I do not identify with any religions, yet I see the God (using this terms due to language's limitations) in everything that we do. Though I am connected to the nameless and formless, I have utmost respect and appreciation in the life forms that have been bestowed with the opportunity and responsibility to govern the universe. I do not see life from the prism of terms, labels, and societal nomenclature. Instead, I see life in its natural form.  

I am currently involved in the following:

  • Meetups groups: See section Meetup

  • Teacher on Insight Timer App: See section Insight Timer

  • The Spiritual Circle Podcast: See section Podcast

  • Blogs:  See section Blog

  • General Discussion: Anyone and everyone who are trying to seek answers or understand something the way I see

  • Phone Consultations: Very limited to people who do not have anyone 

  • Energy Healing:  Rare to people who do not have any hope


Let's connect!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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