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Understanding Manifestations

We are on a constant and unending path of manifesting something or other for as long as we live, we manifest. Even when don't pay attention, we are always on a quest to reach somewhere, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So, it is only pertinent to ask what is a manifestation, and what it is made of. In this post, I am going to focus only on what a manifestation is made of, a trilogy.

During the group meeting of our group Spirituality, Positive Thoughts & Law of Attraction, I asked what does manifestation mean to people. Participants, more or less, responded by referring to manifestation with the terms like desire or goal.

While that is the visible understanding of manifestation, there are two more individual components to any manifestation: Challenges/Apprehensions and Propensity/Hope.

Hence, When we talking about manifestation, we actually talk about the following three aspects:

  1. Desires/Goal

  2. Challenges/Apprehensions

  3. Propensity/Hope

Let's look at them one by one albeit briefly.

1. Desires/Goals

The first and visible component of Manifestation is the desire or a goal; it is what we want to accomplish. It may look straight-forward but even a desire has many factors that contribute to form a desire. The desire may arise from the following, but no limited to:

  • Needs - Our needs drive almost anything that we do. Needs dictate our behavior and thought process. While needs can be classified in many subcategories, they remain a paramount contributing factor in our desires.

  • Wants - When we fulfill the needs, our mind graduates to wants. While we do not realize when a need becomes a want, we continue to have desire of its fulfillment.

  • Attractions - We live in a intriguingly beautiful world. There is so much that catches our attention. Due to our limited physical senses, we have a longing to acquire what we like. Something that mesmerizes us or attracts us, we want to touch, feel or experience that. This gives birth to desires.

  • Addictions - We also find ourselves in increasingly helpless situations when run after something even though we know something is wrong. Such is a nature of addiction that the momentary joy overpowers the subsequent pain/repercussions is enough to lose control over sanity. Needless to say, in such a state, we automatically desire.

2. Challanges/Apprehensions

The other and invisible component of manifestation is challenge or apprehension. You can consider it as opposing energy, feelings, emotions, understanding or knowledge. When our hearts/minds create a desire, in the background, it also creates an understanding that tells you how easy or difficult it is to accomplish. In other words, when you form a desire, you also form an invisible understanding of the likelihood of that desire to come true. Many a times, are not aware of this understanding, but it impacts the actions and behavior towards action associated with the manifestations. In simple words, these are hurdles. Let's look at some of the ways we form apprehensions:

  • Realities - We term the situation or things around and within us as reality of the life. When we create desires, our rational mind brings up and analyzes this reality, and form an opinion about how likely or unlikely something (desire) may happen.

  • Surroundings - Surroundings are things that are around us. Many a times, our minds create hurdles based on our surroundings. The impact of surroundings is so gigantic that we at times do not see any hope. Anything positive appears nothing short of a miracle. But do remember no matter how impossible something may appear, it is largely dependent on your perspective and it away from reality.

  • Weakness - The ones amongst us are critical of self-abilities. Barring some genuine cases, most of the time we consider ourselves week due to lack of correct information. When we consider ourselves as weak, it comes in the way of we trying to manifest a desire.

  • Difficulties - As a portion of our brain is tuned to think rationally and scientifically, due to mental conditioning through educations, experiences and lack of proper understanding, we judge everything in levels of difficulty. Something is less difficult and other is more difficult. Something that is least difficult is termed as easy. If the basis of this judgement is flawed, the understanding of the level of the difficulty will be flawed, which is often the case.

  • People - When we are not able to blame things on other things, we start blaming people. I am not defending anyone. Everyone is the way everyone can be to best of their abilities, no matter how helpless or empowered one feels. When we are impacted by what people say or think of us, we make ourselves belief someone else's understanding, however flawed that may be. This results in developing limiting self-beliefs.

  • Fear - One of the biggest causes of apprehension is the fear...fear of known and the fear of unknown. The fear drives us so much that we avoiding doing certain things altogether, even though we have no bad or opposing experience.

3. Propensity/Hope

The final invisible component in a manifestation is the propensity or hope. When we have a desire, we always have some hope of it happening, before our minds bring up apprehensions or roadblocks. The hope provides fuel to our desires and motivates us to work towards the fulfillment of the desire.

  • Will Power - Many a times, we underestimate ourselves. Our will power is a very strong ability we all have, if we use it wisely. Will power can overpower the any kind of challenges and help make something impossible to be possible.

  • Beliefs and Trust - While will power it largely associated is our own abilities, beliefs and trust are largely associated with the universe and/or divine. When these are stronger, no matter what the reality may be or what kinds of challenges there may be, they simply do not derail us from our quest to fulfill our desires.

  • Affirmations - These are a great way of make ourselves reminded of either something within or outside of us. These affirmations motivate us and help us get rid of the apprehensions or challenges.

Now that we have look at the trinity of manifestation. We must know that when we have a desire, it is a direct fight between apprehensions and hope. In other words, it is a direct fight between opposing and supporting energies. Needless to say, the stronger one prevails over the other. So if your apprehension is stronger, chances of successful manifestations is bleak. Similarly, if the motivation is stronger, the chances or successful manifestation is stronger. Please note that I have used the word bleak and stronger, I have not used terms that are certain. That is because there are other factors that determine the outcome. We will talk about them in the upcoming blog - Factor Influencing the Outcome of Manifestations.

But you may ask why the list of challenges is bigger than hope. Does that mean successful manifestation is difficult or near impossible? No, we likelihood of successful manifestation is always high. It does not depend on our abilities as much it depends on our perceptions. To make you realize that, let's add a perspective. Something that I call as secret recipe.

Bonus: Secret Recipe for success

If you use the perception, you can turn each and every challenge to help you manifest successfully.

When you change the perception, each of the roadblock becomes a motivating factor. Now, I invite you at examine each of these carefully and see how you can use them to your advantage.

  • Realities

  • Surroundings

  • Weakness

  • Difficulties

  • People

  • Fear

An optimist is the one who turns challenges into opportunities!

The trick is look at each of these (in the list above) and use it to remind yourself of why you need your desire to come true. Suffering is a great source of motivation that can make one move mountains. Sufferings can drive so much that one accomplishes the impossible. Believe it or not, suffering is the reason the blessed amongst as attained moksha or nirvana. So it does not matter how unlikely something may be, if you change the way you look at things, you can manifest your desire.

The Manifestation Poem!

To help you manifest successfully, I am leaving you with a Manifestation poem. I have written this poem to will help you focus on important aspects that will increase the likelihood of manifesting your desires. In other words, this poem is a manifestation of your ability to manifest.

Finally, remember that our brains are tuned to gives us both sides of a coin, positive and negatives. While it reminds us of the challenges, it also reminds of the power we all have. As longs as we remember to focus on our abilities, we can make dreams a reality!

With hope that this information will help you manifest your dreams, I wish you all the very best for your manifestations!

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