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Spiritual Companion - a companion beyond one life

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

What if you have a companion who is can be with you even when this body perishes? What if you have a companion who loves you for not how you look or how much money or fame you have but for who you truly are? Sounds too good be true? What if I say it indeed can be true? Intrigued? If so, please read on.

Even before humans had the wisdom the create societies, the wisdom for companionship existed. Since then, humans developed in manifolds and changed their understanding with the changing times. However, the need for a companion remained unscathed. Why? Because, this had a unique distinction of being a 'need' (for survival, for procreation, and so on) and a 'desire' (to give and receive love). With the evolution of the societies and civilizations, this need and desire is still at the forefront of what we do and are defined as. Very rarely you will find someone who either doesn't have a need or a desire for having a companion, albeit, in different capacity. Having said that, the lack of companion is not only remains a problem for people, it is, instead, getting worst as we head into making ourselves the most advanced (arguably) human civilization to have lived on this earth. But why? How come we are not able to be successful in our quest? How come after spending generations and centuries we still manage to make it worst than ever before? Ironically, the more advanced or modern we are becoming, the greater we loose our grips on the fulfillment of companionship. We are loosing out on the understanding and abilities to find true companionship. Fortunately, having a spiritual companion is the answer that can cure the epidemic of lack of the abilities to form meaningful relationships.

Why spiritual companion is the solution

You may be wondering, what is this spiritual companion, and how can it provide a solution. Well, to answer this, let me take you to the core of the problem, being outwardly and materially focussed. Due to our addiction towards the the material world, we have developed skills and tendencies to look at the surface or the superficial level. We have become increasingly impatient and reactive without properly thinking. As a result, we rue our lost opportunities. No matter what we try to do, we somehow end up having our companionship badly wounded. Irony is that someone who is deep thinker, finds it difficult to find a similar person. In other words, we have lost the capabilities to understand someone deeply. While our capabilities may have weaned off, the good news is that our abilities are still intact. We just need to reignite the right energy (through understanding and raised awareness) by taking our focus to the most important aspect of our existence, inwards (trust me, there is nothing greater).

What does spiritual companion mean

So what does spiritual companionship mean? It means to connect to and to understand someone at a deeper level. The meaning of deeper level may be different for different people. So for easy understanding, let us say, by deeper level, I mean at the level of your subconscious or soul. We have used plenty of intelligence and look where it has got us. This would mean that we will have to unlearn many things, and learn the correct understanding of the fellow lives, if not of the overall existence. Please know that I am not talking about to a companion of this life time, I am talking about a companion that will be there even when this body dies. Perhaps in future blog or podcast, I will address the matter of how we can do it and what truly is possible. In this post, let me briefly highlight some of the benefits of leaning on spirituality to find a companion.

Benefits of a spiritual companion

Following are some of the many benefits of a spiritual companion. This list is not comprehensive, I am merely highlighting a few of the benefits to give you something to trigger your thoughts and, hopefully, actions in this direction.

  1. Companion for when you live and even after you die.

  2. Built on the foundation of true understanding, appreciation and genuine love (not superficial and not always romantic).

  3. Greater understanding of your own self.

  4. A companion to help you achieve your purpose.

  5. Companionship in not driven by intellect, but by innate awareness, emotions, and feelings.

  6. Bliss that cannot be described in words; it can only be experienced.

Kindly note a companion doesn't only mean having a spouse or partner, it can also be a friend, a guide, a guru, and other terms we do not even have in our human language. I hope this blog has given you a brief introduction to this concept. If it did, I urge you to implore deeper and begin your alignment to start to take full of advantage of this wonderful ability we all have.

With blessings! 🙏

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