Simplified Spirituality: Introduction to Intentional Breathing

We all know that a simple process of inhale and exhale is called breathing. But what do we inhale or exhale? Spontaneously, the response would be that we inhale and exhale air or the life source. But when looked deeply, you would see that we inhale and exhale energy, and we inhale and exhale life. I am not set out to train you you how to breath, for we all know how to breath. Instead, I am here to put forward the process and benefits of the intentional breathing. We will start small and we will start with the simple steps.

For easy understanding, I have broken the topic into 3 sections:

  1. Prepare for intentional breathing

  2. Simple steps for intentional breathing

  3. What to expect when starting with intentional breathing

Prepare for intentional breathing

  1. Find a 5-10 minutes time slot anytime, any day

  2. Find a time slot when you can focus only on breathing

  3. Find a space without disturbance

Simple steps