Is it ever too late?

Hope is an interesting thing. It makes a difference when nothing else does. It also makes any other thing look meaningless or trivial as well, making us wonder if this is one of the most important ingredient.

When I talk to people, especially the ones who are struggling, not having hope defines the degree to which they struggle and suffer. In other words, the degree of not having hope makes us suffer. But how do we get to a state where we start to or completely lose hope?

We humans are interesting and funny creatures. We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent specie, at least on the earth based on how far we have come along from where we started. No other specie, in common knowledge, is able to accomplish as much. And, we attribute this to our ability to do things physically, but, more importantly, to our ability to think, process and use that information. While we thrive on the reasoning, logic and brilliance of our minds, yet we entangle ourselves with activities and habits that defy the very same logical and reasoning mind. In other words, we find ourselves doing things even though our minds says otherwise.

Is it because we consider ourselves to be emotional and thinking not from the minds but from the hearts? Let's put the logic of only mind can think aside because we clearly use more than our minds to make decisions in our day to day lives. So, do we having feelings and being emotional comes in the way of our logical minds? So, do we say that decisions made with emotions are not logical? It certainly is a topic that I will cover some other time. But for now, we are trying to understand why do we do things even if our minds says not to, and emotions seems to play a role in that. Even if we consider that emotions are against logic, how does that result in we loosing hope?

That brings us to further investigate where does the hope come from. Does it come from the mind (Read: Reasoning and Logic), or does it come from the heart (Read: Feelings and emotions)? Or,