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How to Win the Mind?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

It is a question that the mere mortals have been asking ever since there has been a realization of the mind. Since that ‘Eureka’ moment, a lot of thought has been put into trying to control what controls us, the mind.

This post is another attempt to address it using the spiritual prowess of life forms ahead of us in the spiritual journey. Since I am not going to explain in details, I understand that it may require further discussion to understand the process. But that by no means undermines the effectiveness of this approach.

So how do we win our mind? The following process, a sequence of steps, is a way that will bring fruitful outcome if followed with due diligence. This process can be used to identify the current patterns, correct them, and create new ones to help steer to the right course. Let’s look at these steps:

  1. Ask yourself (Introspection)

  2. Notice the response (Discovery)

  3. Make list of goals and supporting activities (Identifying correction)

  4. Suggest changes to the mind (Reorientation)

  5. Persist with the suggestion (Setting Discipline)

  6. Let go of activities and people not supporting the correction and/or reorientation (Strengthening the change)

  7. Keep walking the path (Realizing the outcome)

The process usually is simple and the implementation difficult. The challenges faced in the implementation help determine the success or the outcome. I respond to this in a simple way:

Either it is us or the challenges that will give up. Whoever gives up first loses.

Another way of looking at it is trying to imagine how you would face yourself if you were your own opponent. You know for sure fooling around is not gonna help. You know it has to be done with a sheer will power and relentless effort.

The special secret that I like to share to make the minds weaker and to win more battles against it is realizing that you are not your mind. When this actually dawns up on someone (and by this I mean not just saying it but living and experiencing it), mind become a mere instrument as opposed to the master of our actions.

Someday, we will discuss this in greater detail. Till then, all the best for this crucial battle with your mind! 🙏

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