How to heal yourself

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Though we live in a world where everyone is increasingly becoming self-centric, it is ironical that there is equally need of learning how to heal the self. This blog covers the practices to the self-healing from different perspective. As always, this is a short list which can be discussed in great length to fully understand each of the practices listed and how it not only heals but rejuvenates physically, mentally and spiritually. As human specie is said to social, I have included a relationship category to just focus on healing in that aspect.

Mental Healing

  • Clear your mind: Mental House cleaning; clear away limiting beliefs, past and feelings.

  • Stay in the Present: Power lies in the Present; mindfulness and positivity will change your future.

  • Resist: Resistance uncovers the problem, and the problem uncovers the need.

  • Love Yourself: Secret to loving yourself is affirmations from self or people who truly know you.

  • Mental Meditation: Forgive self & others, let go and focus on positives and future of possibilities.

Physical Healing

  • Clear your body: Eat health