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How to Heal Your Soul

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Continuing on the previous post, this blog addresses the next aspect of life that requires healing, Soul.

While it is a vast topic and it will not be fair to expect to cover in its entirety, I have narrowed it down to the 5 key takeaways. These should help give good direction to start the healing process. This blog focuses on how you can heal your soul. It is applicable to people whether already following spiritual practices or yet to begin to follow them. This blog will help enhance the understanding by learning the important aspects to heal your soul. Listen to the complete podcast and you will be rewarded with a bonus tip to heal your soul. This is part 3 of 3 and final in series of the topic How to Heal Your Life.

6 ways to heal your soul:

  • Practice Gratitude and Be mindful: Appreciation make you raise your awareness.

  • Make Amends and Let go: Cut the cords with past karmas and everything that is holding you back.

  • Have Desires but no attachments: Fulfill your responsibilities, have desires or targets but do not be attached to either the outcome or in the manner the outcome comes.

  • Meditate: Go deeper in knowing who you truly are and what this universe truly is.

  • Help Others: Ask yourself “Did you make this world a better place?” Helping others results in deeper happiness and healing.

  • Love Everyone: See the divinity in everyone and love everyone without any prejudice and differences. It allows you to connect to the divinity in its true form.

While this blog serves as a quick read, the detailed explanation are provided in our podcast

It is important to note that the podcast is recorded separately and includes more content than we previously covered in our group meetings.

I wish that this helps heal your relationships and helps you achieve your goals. With the blessings of success, love and peace, signing off for now. 🙏

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