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How to Heal your Relationships

Continuing on the previous post, this blog addresses the next aspect of life that requires healing, Relationship.

While it is a vast topic and it will not be fair to expect to cover in its entirety, I have narrowed it down to the 5 key takeaways. These should help give good direction to start the healing process.

5 aspects of relationship healing

  1. Relationship need comes from a lack or it should be for growth: For a relationship to be successful, it should fulfill each other’s lack or contribute towards growth.

  2. Find people with ‘Right’ traits: Find traits that matter, not what you think matters.

  3. Evaluate what you receive: Consider implementing a 4 stages process, CoDeRaG, i.e., Command, Demand, Remind and Grind.

  4. Love yourself: When you fill yourself with love, people get attracted towards you.

  5. Love unconditionally: True love is not transaction; if you need transaction find one who can give more. Instead, know that one can continue to keep the love repository to give love without the expectations of receiving.

While this may appear to be a short list, our recent podcast provides more information. For more information and if you would like to know more about these 5 aspects, you are advised to check out our podcast 'How to Heal Your Relationship - Part 2 of 3'.

I wish that this helps heal your relationships and helps you achieve your goals. With the blessings of success, love and peace, signing off for now. 🙏

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