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How to Heal Your Physical and Mental Life

We live in a world where we live life in autopilot mode, robotically running behind things and jumping from one thing on to the next thing, just like a monkey does from one branch to another. In doing so, we often forget that our bodies and minds do need rejuvenation, in other words, healing. This article focuses on on understanding why we need healing in the first place, and how we can heal our physical and mental aspects of the life.

Why do we need healing?

  • We accumulated what does not serve us well

  • We are tuned to hold on to memories

  • We constantly judge ourselves developing limiting beliefs

  • Our surroundings influence the way we think

  • We develop habit without realizing the side-effects

  • We take life (events, people, things) for granted

  • We manifest whatever we think, without realizing

Mental Healing

  • Clear your mind: Mental House cleaning; clear away limiting beliefs, past and feelings.

  • Stay in the Present: Power lies in the Present; mindfulness and positivity will change your future.

  • Resist: Resistance uncovers the problem, and the problem uncovers the need.

  • Love Yourself: Secret to loving yourself is affirmations from self or people who truly know you.

  • Mental Meditation: Forgive self & others, let go and focus on positives and future of possibilities.

Physical healing

  • Clear your body: Eat healthy, eat to live and do not live to eat.

  • Listen to your body: Listening to your body will make you healthy and let you hear sixth sense.

  • Resist: Resist listening to your thoughts impulsively.

  • Love Yourself: Secret to loving yourself is hygiene and habits that makes you stay fit.

  • Physical Meditation: Heal your body with activities like yoga or others; stick to it.

This blog is meant to be for a quick read. For more information and explanation, please listen to the podcast How to Heal Your Physical and Mental Life.

With blessings for your happiness and peace! 🙏

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