Does Meditation teach you not to have desires?

Updated: Aug 5

This post talks about meditation and the one of the most discussed dilemmas that the practitioners run into. It is widely believed that meditation or spiritual practices make us be free of desires. But how do we be free of the desires as this very world we stay in almost necessitates us to have desires in order to be successful. Then what do we do? If we be material and have desires then we get away from greater consciousness, and if we do not have desires then it is difficult to survive or be successful. One such question is recently asked to by one the practitioners. During this post, I thought to provide the question that was asked and my response to that. I hope this will be helpful for people in similar dilemma.

Meditation teaches you to be mindful…to not desire…to not want…be satisfied with where you are and what you have. But doesn’t that kill your goals and dreams?

Never understood that aspect. How does one not desire and want…but fundamentally we are programmed to want to climb the ladder of life. We want to grow and and have aspirations and have dreams and goals.

I feel like taking this aspect away makes you more of a numb robot. Help me understand.