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Does being Okay mean Inaction?

Learn to be okay with not being okay. Soon the things that you are not okay with will disappear!

I recently had someone providing the following comment:

"Things don't just disappear because you are okay with not being okay. You still need to take action."

As I draft my response, I thought it will be useful for our circle members to also have a view on it. Perhaps some of you may have the same response to the quote. Here's my take.

While I see what the dilemma is with the comment. The context certainly makes this dilemma relevant and appropriate for many who procrastinate or fail to make the desired progress. Especially in the physical realm, the actions that our physical senses can capture is important. Yet progress is always made, whether we move forward, backward, or seemingly stay put.

Kindly, allow me to provide another perspective. Being Okay with things is also an action, and a conscious decision. Inaction is also an action of not acting upon something. When we do not participate in the thoughts, doesn't mean we don't act. We always act. Action is the final stage of the decision making chain that starts from receiving, moves to processing, and resulting in action or inaction. We only have three responses at our conscious level: Support, Oppose, and Be Neutral. It required a conscious action even to be Neutral. In all of this, energy is transacted, directed and redirected.

Also, are outcome dependent on our actions? Don't things happen even if we don't take actions? many a times, outcomes our not in proportion of the actions we take. Universe is governed by principles that determine when and what happens and for whom, of which our Karma is the biggest factor (but not the only one).

Finally, not being aware is not the absence of experiences or transaction. Awareness is dependent on our capacities and senses which can be improved. Life is energy that doesn't stop, it continuously gets redirected based on our reception, processing, awareness, and actions.

Having said everything, we both are saying that one needs to take action. Perhaps our understand differs a little bit. 🙂

In any case, how you feel and understand it is perfectly fine as long as it helps you make the desired progress. We may take different routes to reach the same destination. I wish you all the best for taking actions to be okay with things that you are not okay with.

With blessings! 🙏

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