Decoding Why Purpose Exists and How you can Find Yours

I hope this posts finds you in good health and an eager frame of mind to take on this journey to understand the purpose exists.

We often try to find out what is the purpose of our lives. At time we worry whether or not we are moving in the right direction. Many a times, we simply try to ensure that we are doing is what is expected of us. More importantly, we wish to make use of this opportunity we call life and meet the objective of being here.

So today, I announced a new series on our podcast "The Spiritual Circle Podcast" with the title Decoding Your Purpose. This will be a 7 part series which will cover a variety of aspects to better understand the objective of having purpose. During this series we will cover the following:

  • Part 1 - Overview - Will provide the information to be covered in the later episode. It will serve as quick reference to what one can expect from this series.

  • Part 2 - The Purpose of the Purpose - Will help you understand the reason purpose exists in the first place. If we have purpose, there must be a reason for it. In this episode, we uncover a 9-stage objective of our purpose.

  • Part 3 - What Happens Before Purpose is Defined - Will help you understand what are some of the possibilities that may happen before a purpose is defined. We will look at 7 possibilities that may happen before we get to the stage to define our purpose.

  • Part 4 - Factors that Influence the Purpose - Will help provides insight into 7 factors that influ