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7 Expectations that result in Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness

Continuing on discussing Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness, we move on to the next category, Expectations. I have recently released the podcast episode that is recently recorded and provides more content than originally covered in the group meeting.

Expectation is a two-sided sword really, it can hurt others and it can hurt us. And, when we do not use this sword properly, we end up hurting more and more. Needless to say, we need be very careful in our expectations as it has the ability to shape our actions and perception about things and people around us. More importantly, expectations play a huge role in how we feel about our lives and it can hugely influence our experiences, irrespective of the reality. It is absolutely critical to understand that perception shapes our experiences and responses.

Expectation overshadows the reality, you don't experience the reality, you experience your perception of that reality.

7 Expectations that influence our loves ones to cause unhappiness

  1. Your own expectations with people around you

  2. Expectations without understanding the impact

  3. Expectations and Actions based on incorrect information

  4. Expectations that do not acknowledge the need for the change or growth

  5. Expectations that only focus on the your need

  6. Expectations that are influenced by other things and views

  7. Expectations of the impossible; not accepting that the coin has two sides

These factors are covered in detail in your podcast episode "Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 2 of 7 - Expectations.

I hope you will be able to use this information to interrogate your conscience, investigate the connections, and contemplate on the solutions.

Blessings for the success, love, and happiness for your life! 🙏

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