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7 Accumulations that influence Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness

We recently addressed this topic in our group meetings. It was an intriguing subject and many of you wanted me to cover it in the recordings and blog. I have recently released the podcast episode that is recently recorded and provides more content than originally covered in the group meeting.

When it comes to understanding why our loved ones cause unhappiness, time and again, we are forced to ponder about it as we try to find out the reasons behind it. While the topic is a vast one, we have tried to address the topic by looking at 35 factors across 5 categories. This blog post talks about the first category "Accumulations" and seven factors under it.

7 Accumulations that influence our loves ones to cause unhappiness

  1. Accumulation without paying attention

  2. Accumulation without Learning

  3. Accumulating the wrong lessons

  4. Not Accumulating for long time

  5. Focusing on the wrong info

  6. Influenced by other things and views

  7. “Prior” Accumulation (inborn characteristics)

These factors are covered in detail in your podcast episode "Why Our Loved Ones Cause Unhappiness - Part 1 of 7 - Accumulations.

I hope you will be able to use this information to interrogate your conscience, investigate the connections, and contemplate on the solutions.

Blessings for the success, love, and happiness for your life! 🙏

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