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Learn to Meditate




12 Weeks


About the Course

Come and learn to meditate with us! Even if you have tried and failed many times or you never tried meditating, by the time you are done wiht the program, you will be able to meditate.

Areas of Focus

  • Basics of meditation

  • Getting started with guided meditation

  • Introduction to meditation techniques

  • Beginning of self-meditation

  • Beginning of mindfulness

Expected outcome

Ability to successfully meditate as by the end of program you will have enough validation to dispell any doubts about your abolity to meditate!


  • Improved consciousness

  • Improved concentration

  • Strong mind to keep stress, anxiety and depression far from you

  • Ability to get into deep meditation

Your Instructor

Vikas Arya
Vikas Arya

Vikas Arya is a motivational and spiritual speaker. His life is dedicated to serving the human kind and bringing positive changes to people’s lives. He leads many groups on Spirituality, Positive Thoughts and Law of Attraction in United States, India, and Canada. He also runs a nonprofit organization, The-Circle Org, which is a community of people who care. Vikas also hosts a podcast, "The Spiritual Circle Podcast" to partner in your spiritual growth.

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