Why helping 'Others' helps 'Us'

When you help others, the entire universe (read God/Creator/Evolution) helps you!

Time immemorial, it has been said that helping others is a virtue that defines the goodness of one. No matter where you go or how far back in the history you go, helping others is considered to be one of the most important personality trait in a wise living being.

Numerous times, many have written about the goodness of helping others, and while some have tried explaining from religious, sociological, and psychological perspectives, only a few have covered the spiritual perspective. I am going to attempt providing another explanation to help understand this simple yet one of the most effective practice to make things happen for us in this physical life as well as the spiritual progress.

The very instinct of 'I, me and myself' is animalistic and driven from deep-rooted fear, insecurity, and lack of awareness of the creation (read universe), creator, and our true & real self. When we start to think for others, we start to elevate and expand our awareness as well as reach a world that is beyond our very limited physical senses.