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Why helping 'Others' helps 'Us'

When you help others, the entire universe (read God/Creator/Evolution) helps you!

Time immemorial, it has been said that helping others is a virtue that defines the goodness of one. No matter where you go or how far back in the history you go, helping others is considered to be one of the most important personality trait in a wise living being.

Numerous times, many have written about the goodness of helping others, and while some have tried explaining from religious, sociological, and psychological perspectives, only a few have covered the spiritual perspective. I am going to attempt providing another explanation to help understand this simple yet one of the most effective practice to make things happen for us in this physical life as well as the spiritual progress.

The very instinct of 'I, me and myself' is animalistic and driven from deep-rooted fear, insecurity, and lack of awareness of the creation (read universe), creator, and our true & real self. When we start to think for others, we start to elevate and expand our awareness as well as reach a world that is beyond our very limited physical senses.

To support the importance of helping others, let's look at the evolution of the human specie. Initially, humans lived in jungles without any tribe or common ground. Soon it turned the survival of the fittest, with stronger ones occupied or possessed more. The focus was on fulfilling the self need. As a result, we were not able to survive or prosper as it was always a matter of time when when the stronger became weaker. That paved the way for tribes and religions to find common ground and uniting for common cause and common enemy. Since then, the human society developed and prospered by leaps and bounds to advance into civilizations, kingdoms, cities, and countries. That also improved our political system from a kingdom to democracy. But how did this exponential growth in human life happen? It was due to finding a common ground which meant thinking of and helping others. It is a shining example of how working as a society can contribute to the advancement, prosperity and richness of life.

When we practice 'Goodness' and become universal donor (signified with the letter 'O'), guess what is left in Goodness...'Godness!'

From a spiritual perspective, one needs to understand that there is a similar pattern. Though understanding duality and non-duality may become too much for this discussion, one needs to realize that all are equal and have the same divine energy. When we help others, we interact with greater divine energy (similar to creating tribes and groups) that propels the growth. Consider this energy to be the fuel; the more you have the further you will go. I am not even talking about the virtues or impact of collective blessings, which have been proven time and again to even make changes in the physical world be it in the form of happiness, peace, motivation, or healing the body (including diseases) and mind.

Another way to look at helping others is expanding the consciousness and thus raising the awareness. When we help others, we experience feelings, emotions, expressions, and happiness we don't feel otherwise, even a simple and small deed makes us feel the bliss. The more of selfless deeds we do, the more blissful we start to become. Ever wondered why? That is because when we help, we interact with the greater (widely spread) divine energy and vibrations that not only affect how we feel but also makes things happen for us by making us operate at a higher frequency. Someone operating at a high frequency, gets a 'magic key' that opens the door for effortless manifestations. I can vouch for it from my own experience.

The Law of attraction works beautifully well with people with the higher frequencies, making it far more easier to achieve the desires. At such a state, techniques become insignificant and one becomes magnet attracting the desires into reality. Again this is something I can tell from my own experience. When this happens, people around you start to refer to you with adjectives such "fortunate", "lucky", and "blessed". The real question to be asked is how does one become fortunate, lucky, or blessed? You answers to this question deep inside of you will also tell why helping others helps us!

With Blessings! 🙏

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